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May 9, 2021

In this episode, I am talking to the Founder & CEO of Core Empowerment, LLC,  Kierrah Flipping about the importance of our emotional wellness, signs of depression, and the burden of being a strong friend. Kierrah Flipping is a serial entrepreneur, LCPC, Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, and Washington D.C. native with a bold and infectious personality. Known as a Master Manifestor, her natural ability to connect with people and empathic traits laid the foundation for her journey as a Holistic Entrepreneur. In her roles, she continuously nurtures the spirit of entrepreneurship, encouraging others to elevate their mindsets and intuitive gifts to create lifestyles of abundance. With over nine years of experience, she’s dominated the mental health field with innovative practices with the incorporation of energy healing modalities into mental health practices. She later incorporated work with crystals, essential oils, yoga, and sound healing to create new internal and external healing experiences.  With every endeavor, Kierrah’s focus is to unearth the root causes of mental and physical illnesses and help others obtain peace, balance, and clarity in their lives.

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